Additional Hiring Options

You may find that one of these hiring options in combination with Job Fairs works best for you. If you prefer to stay closer to home or don’t have the time away from the office to travel overseas, CCUSA offers you several other free hiring options.

Let CCUSA Hire for You

We know you are busy and could use all the help you can get! Let CCUSA be your extra hand and Hire for You based on your requirements. Our knowledgeable staff uses the information you provide to interview applicants face-to-face and select staff just for you. With CCUSA, you always have the final hiring decision.

Placement Program

CCUSA will forward applications to you that meet your staffing needs via our Employer Web Access site. Make your hiring decision after reviewing the selected applications. Your CCUSA Program Coordinator communicates the employment details to the applicant and provides you with support from start to finish.

Independent Program

Register with the CCUSA Participant Job Hunt website to make your information available to applicants on the Independent Program who are arranging their own jobs.