Have questions about the Job Fairs? We have answers! Below are answers to some of the more frequent questions we are asked regarding the fairs. 

This is a possibility. Please speak to your CCUSA Representative.
Yes, CCUSA will provide you with information on which countries, where and how to apply, and how long the process will take. Please speak to you CCUSA Representative to get the specific details.
It is a possibility. However, there is a set stipend for each day of travel to include meals, transportation, etc. The stipend does not include air flights. All stipend fees will need to be paid in advance of the Job Fair to CCUSA.
Yes. However, to qualify for a free trip you must meet the minimum hire numbers per person. If you do not meet the minimum hires, please contact your CCUSA Representative to discuss the cost of the trip per representative attending.
This is a possibility. However, when skipping a city, the additional days are not considered Job Fair days. Meals, hotels, and transfers for any non-Job Fair days are not included in the free trip. Any additional fees will be due to the traveler.
Yes, CCUSA will reimburse a set amount based off the market rates at the time of the Travel Request Form & Contract printing. If fees increase by the time you book your flight, additional fees will be due to you. If fees decrease by the time you book your flight, no reimbursement to CCUSA will be required.
Yes, normally you will depart from your home state and travel to another destination where you will meet up with a group of fellow CCUSA employers to depart the US. A travel packet will be sent to you with information pertaining to your trip, your itinerary, and the job fair letter one week before your departure.
Yes, you may work with a CCUSA Representative or our preferred travel agency, Redwood Sky Tours to arrange the upgrades. Upgrade fees are charged to the traveler.