The CCUSA Job Fair Process

We Schedule Interviews for You

At the Job Fair we pre-schedule interviews for you based on your interviewing preferences and hiring criteria.

  • Do you want long or short interviews?
  • How many students do you want to interview in one time slot? One, two or more?
  • Is your preference to offer jobs on the spot, during the
    lunch or at the end of the day?
  • What positions do you need to fill?
  • What are the qualifications?

Our Job Fair staff takes all these points into consideration when compiling your interview lists. We advertise for your company long before you arrive to conduct your interviews. Based on your criteria, we create an interview appointment list. Pre-screening our students for your company and pre-scheduling interviews allows for a smooth Job Fair. The participants know what to expect and a lot of the work done is before you even depart!

Why attend a Job Fair?

  • Handpick your staff for the upcoming season
  • Meet your staff face to face
  • Assess work skills and language ability in person
  • Offer jobs and receive commitments from employees on the spot
  • Learn firsthand about the country your workers are coming from
  • Have your seasonal international staff hired months before your season begins

What happens at the Job Fair

At each Job Fair, the employers are situated in a room separate from waiting participants, ensuring your privacy and a professional atmosphere during your interviews. You will be assigned a Personal Assistant who is there to assist you with any of your needs (paperwork, interviewing, passing out welcome packets, etc.) You will have a space devoted solely to your company for the duration of the Job Fair. Your interview list will include participants that meet your hiring needs based on your pre-screening criteria. You will have the opportunity to discuss your available jobs and their abilities face to face! This is when you really get to know them, their skills, and their English ability. You will find that participants qualify for and show interest in a wide variety of jobs. Once you decide to hire the participant, complete the CCUSA preprinted Job Offer form and the hiring process is complete.